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Is there any way to organize open pages like when you tile them in

I often have two dozen, pages open.  When viewed they are too small to
see.  Is there anyway to line them up and maybe flip through them one
at a time?

Re: organizeing open pages

-oo0-GoldTrader-0oo- wrote:
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When I title the pages of a book I write, I can keep them open when
printed by not having them bound. I can then lay them on the ground and
look at all of them at once. While you're right that viewing 20 pages of
say... legal or A4 at once makes the print too small to read (I have to
stand at least two meters away from them), I find that large titles on
each page really make it easier to identify them.

To flip through the pages, I have to have the book bound, but then I
can't open it on all pages at once. As a workaround, I'm using
bookmarks in various shapes an colours.

I must say, though, that the user-experience is not as good for windows
as for apple. If I glue them onto a window, there might be stains after
I remove them. Eating an apple while reading on the other hand is
healthy and (depending on the kind of apple I eat) quite tasty.

In other words: What the heck are you writing about? ;-)

Re: organizing open pages

You might try piling the pages on top of each other.  Like a deck of
cards.  There is no need to bind them to flip through the full size
pages.  You can do it in Microsoft.  How do you make a deck of open web
pages etc. in Mac.

David Lennier wrote:
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Re: organizing open pages

For Safari (and, I believe Camino, Firefox and the Mozilla based
browsers), just choose tabbed browsing.

Dave Fritzinger

Re: organizeing open pages

Blimey. A year since I last read this place (csmp), and Gold Trader is
still trolling away.


Re: organizeing open pages

Hello Pete!

Pete Verdon wrote:
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