Opinions on Dell D610, D510, 600m ?

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I am thinking to get one of the Dells:

Latitude D610
Latitude D510
Inspiron 600m

While I have not decided yet, I am interested to hear from peoples using
those. Are those reliable or do they break often, etc. Any site oferring
reviews (and not just publicity)


Re: Opinions on Dell D610, D510, 600m ?

A. Melinte wrote:
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Try alt.sys.pc-clone.dell . Dell sells thousands of laptops, they have
recognized good warranty, support, and service.  Dell must be doing
something right.


Re: Opinions on Dell D610, D510, 600m ?

I've got 2 Inspiron 600m computers.  One is almost 2 years old, the 2nd
about a year old.  I got the extended warranty on both.  Have had one
problem on the older machine.  Unfortunately, it happened on Friday
afternoon--the video went completely out--.  I called on Friday afternoon
and they came to the house on Monday and fixed it.

The 600m can be ordered with a better graphics chip than either of the
Latitude's.  It can also use the Latitude docking station, so you don't
really give anything up with the Inspirion.  If you get the Inspiron, I'd
recommend ordering it as a small business rather than as a home user, and
getting the extended warranty.  That should get you in a little
better/faster phone queque if you have to call for service.

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