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I'm looking to buy a new laptop. Money is not an option, though I'd not
like to get something that's a lot more expensive than what I get with it.
I'd like to play games with it, but at the same time, not burn through the
battery in an hour.

At the moment I'm looking at www.gamepc.com

The current system is..

CPU: Intel Pentium-M 770 (2.13GHz)
Motherboard: Intel 915PM Chipset with ICH6M
(I have no idea what ICH6M is)
Memory: It has two chips of 512MB DDR2-533MHz
Hard Drive: Fujitsu MHT2080BH 80GB SATA/150 (5,400 RPM)
GPN Bay: 8x DVD\RW/2 x DVD+R DL/24x CD-RW Drive
Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X700 PCI Express X16 Graphics with 256MB
DDR Memory
It has an integrated notebook audio system
No speakers
It has an integrated Gigabit (10/100/1000) Wired Ethernet
It has 802.11G Wireless Networking
It has a 15.0" Viewable SXGA+ TFT LCD Screen, 1400x1050 Native Resolution
It will come with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 OEM
It has a 12-Cell Lithium Ion Battery, average lifespan of about 5 hours. I
have a replacement battery with this.
It has a 3 year parts and labor warranty.
It has a zero dead pixel policy.

Now, what i'm looking for, if ANY of you know (Please help! ^.^;)

If this will run modern games, how well it will run modern games (Doom 3,
HL2, 3d stuff), if I can get anything better using the Pentium M-class
processor. (I realize that to make this laptop really useable, I really
should use a laptop-class processor to use it more for an.. hour? =P Hehe.
At least, this is to my understanding.)

I assume that the laptop is physically smaller than a so called "Desktop
replacement notebook", so that's probably why it's limited to the X700
graphics card? It is extremely hard to find DDR2 memory, or anything above
333mhz for that matter with other sites. Is there anything better I should
look for?

Are there any sites I'm missing? (I've gone to WidowPC.com, Alienware.com,
I've been told to stay away from Dell.com, I've gone to Gamepc.com, I've
gone to Falcon-nw.com.. Gameppc.com seems to have the widest variety.. to
my knowledge.

 Any suggestions? Comments? At all? I look foreward to hearing from you.
This will be my first laptop and I am prepared to make it a big
investment. Comments about the feasibility of this being a long-life yet
still competent gaming machine VERY welcome. Please make criticism

Erm.. guess that's it. ^.^;

Re: Opinions and help, please.

Your post was very confusing.  What do you mean by the "current system
is"?  I thought that was the laptop you currently own, and then I got
to the end of your post and found out that you've never owned a
laptop....Who said to stay away from Dell.com?  They are the only
manufacturer with a free 3 yr. warranty, they are the best at solving
problems (along with IBM), and they have a good repair history.  They
are also highly configurable.  If you want more responses to your posts
I'd suggest you make them less rambling and easier to read, and do
spelling and grammar checks.  Narrow down your questions to just a few
specific ones, and number them so people can respond more easily.

Re: Opinions and help, please.

Thank you very much, I'll take that into consideration.

At the moment I'm looking at GamePC.com to buy the laptop from. "My
current system" means "The current configuration I'm looking at from the

My cousin said stay away from dell, that asus boards give problems, that
ATI cards usually perform better than nVidia..

I know, I'm getting the feeling he's a bit biased. Dell really does look
like they have pretty good laptops.

Re: Opinions and help, please.

Vacuusimago wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If I were a serious gamer, I would never purchase a laptop because the
moment you order it is the moment that you close the door on
upgrading/updating hardware to meet new gaming requirements.  If you
want portability, then look into small form factor boxes (barebones
systems) that will offer clear upgrade capabilities at a substantially
lower cost.  For examples, see www.newegg.com , www.shuttle.com, etc.

However, if you are committed to a laptop, get a 7200rpm drive; a
5400rpm drive is simply not in keeping with "ultimate" performance, IMO.
OTOH, the bleeding edge 2.13Ghz Pentium M is incrementally costing far
more than the next speed down for little or no overall benefit.  A
7200rpm drive is likely to produce better performance with a slightly
slower processor than the example you provided.  Find the largest,
brightest screen you can afford.  That's your primary window for gaming.
Make sure you know the difference for your gaming purposes between a
16:9 widescreen and a standard 4:3 screen.  If you purchase a laptop
with bleeding edge technology, be absolutely certain that you know
everything there is to know about the vendor's warranty, maintenance,
and initial refund or replacement policies.   There is nothing worse
than having a bleeding edge laptop out of service for weeks or months
due to the vendor's warranty and repair practices.


Re: Opinions and help, please.

Okay. I'm really set on a laptop, this will be something I'll be using all
over. I currently have a pretty good desktop system but I've always wanted
something I could use wherever I would like. For serious future gaming,
I'll probably be going back to my desktop.


The system specs I listed above is what I'm looking at as a configuration
from PCGamer.com

I am looking for feedback on if there is any way to get a better
configuration for playing 3d-intensive games on and if it is at all

I also would like to know if there was any way to find a SATA drive and
533mhz DDR2 RAM with a Pentium-M processor.

I'm also looking for resources on assembling a very good long-life laptop
that can still do a good deal of reliable gaming. Anything that I might
have missed.

Thank you all for pointing these things out so far. I look foreward to
future responses.

Re: Clarification

Hey guy.  A Fast CPU, check.  A Fast Hard Drive and very huge (SATA)
check. Half Life 2 took over 5 GBs of my Hard drive alone.  That was
25% percent of my current harddrive.  Make sure you research the
motherboard that will come with the laptop.  Look for the FSB number;
the bigger the number the better.  And DUDE Dell doesn't suck, if you
are willing to so much money, why don't you pay for extended warranty
too.  That's free advice, free problem solving, free fixing of
something if it's broke. They are available 24/7 365.  Finally before
you confirm the order make sure you proofread EVERYTHING making sure
you know what you're buying.  I hope this helps.

Re: Clarification

Vacuusimago wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Have a look at Sager and Alienware.


Re: Opinions and help, please.

Money is not an option?

How will you pay for it?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: Opinions and help, please.

I will be taking out a private loan for the laptop, if the company does not
have a monthly payment plan.

On my cousin and Dell

My cousin dislikes DELL because of its buisness practices and its customer

He's seem DELL laptops inside, DELL purposely makes it so you have to buy
its products, manditory, and nothing else will fit in there. It'll move
memory slots, configure it just so that other things will conflict.

Also, DELL customer service was very, very horrible to him. He bought a
brand new computer for his boss from DELL and the power suppoy connector
on the motherboard was bad. He wanted them to replace the computer, Dell
absolutely refused, wanting to just replace the motherboard and sending it
back to him. He just doesnt trust DELL big buisness, it's really repulsive
to him, and he's had some really bad experiences.

On the side, DELL is supposed to test thier machines. I notice al ot of
people who order from DELL, a good part of them are sent bad computers.
Most of th time DELL seems pretty good about replacing them at no cost,

Should I just get a DELL XPS Gen 2?  I keep going back to it, I can't deny
that for an M-class processor, DELL seems to have the absolute best
hardware for it.  Everyone else only offers it with a full P4.

Any comments on DELL or whether this might be right for what I'm looking

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