Opinion of Sony K25, K35, K17, etc.?

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I just bought one of these (K25) at BestBuy and have a few days left in my
return window. I like the machine pretty well myself, but would like to (a)
read any editorial reviews that anyone has found, and (b) hear any opinions
from other owners of units in this Sony series.

I use mine to do web surf, email, word processing, graphics (mostly
photography), layout and design with Pagemaker 7, web design (mostly Front
Page), etc.  Nothing too strenuous, but I like a quick machine. THis one
actually seems pretty quick (2.8 GHz P4), and it has a really wonderful
screen that only worries me when it's turned off (there's an afterimage? or
something, and some dark splotchiness, though I haven't tried to clean it

But if there are profound weaknesses, I would much like to hear about them
now rather than later.  I've been googling PCG-K25 like crazy, but not
coming up with a lot of info.


Re: Opinion of Sony K25, K35, K17, etc.?

Troy Donnywho wrote:
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What makes you think that there are "profound weaknesses"?  This sudden
spate of baseless questions about a particular model of a particular
vendor's laptops speaks of trolling.  Problem with an eBay competitor?


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