Open case of Sony VGN-A600

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Could someone tell me how to open the case of a Sony VGN-A600? I've
tried prying off the hinge covers, but they seem to be attached to the
strip that covers the speakers, and I didn't see a way to remove that,
even when I removed all the screws that had arrows pointing to them.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Laptops tend to be constructed from the bottom to the top and are
typically opened from the top as a consequence (at least newer laptops
that are assembled by machine).  Look carefully at the strip with the
speakers and power button, it might slide to the left, fixed in place by
one screw on the left margin, typical for recent Vaio laptops. Slide
that to the left 1/2 inch (~1cm) and lift out, exposing the keyboard
retaining screw(s).


Re: Open case of Sony VGN-A600

Thanks for the response. I've succeeded in getting the hinge covers off
and the keyboard out, but now I've run into something else. I still
can't lift the case off because of one screw that attaches the case to
the motherboard. This screw isn't normal. Rather than having a regular
or phillip's head, it has a 3-slot head, like a Y or a peace symbol.
All I want to do is swap the CD drive, but it appears that Sony didn't
want anyone without special tools to get inside the computer. Does that
mean that they want me to take it to a certified repair center if the
hard drive crashes? Why are they trying so hard to keep me out of my

Am I missing something, or am I going to have to pay someone to swap my
CD drive?


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