One key requires far more pressure than the others

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One of my HP Pavilion xf255's letter keys popped off. After I managed to
snap it back in (required quite a bit of patience and pressure) it now
requires far more pressure to make contact, and it no loner has a tactile
feel. However, it does spring back (upward) to the same height as all of the
other keys, and it certainly isn't loose.

The letter key snaps into place via 4 tiny tabs on a delicate square-shaped
frame beneath it. I don't recall seeing what gives the key its spring-back
operation. I don't recall seeing a rubber element of any sort to provide
spring action.

Has anyone out there been able to fix such a nuisance on an individual key?
Or does the entire keyboard now have to be replaced?

Re: One key requires far more pressure than the others

Most likely cause: When you replaced the
key, you missed something.  I had a Compaq laptop recently that I
popped a key off of, and when I replaced it it was exhibiting
symptoms the same as yours.  I knew something was wrong, so I
carefully replaced it again, ensuring I
got it correct.  Second time worked fine.

Check to see that you are ACTUALLY hooking it up correctly.  I found
mine tricky to determine how it actually worked.  Look carefully at
how the other keys are hooked on.  If done correctly (and no plastic
is broken  :eek:) it will work!

Re: One key requires far more pressure than the others

Thanks! You were right. I followed your suggestion and popped the key's top
off. That's when I discovered that the key's post still had a normal
function with a good positive tactile feel. So next I carefully replaced the
key top again... heard and felt a number of clicks, then the result was
normal key function. Phew!! No need to replace the entire keyboard.

This success now emboldens me to replace several key tops that have their
alphabetic characters worn off their top surfaces. I hope that I can obtain
them as individual replacement parts...

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