Omnibook XE3L upgrades

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I've recently upgraded my XE3L with a series of upgrades, I'll post them
here, so that other people concerned about supported hardware would be able
to search for it :)
It's the one with the I440 BX/ZX chipset I have

CPU-Upgrade: Originally a Celeron 700, now a P-III mobile 900 MHz (Bios has
CPU microcode for this one.. luckily... probably the 1000 MHz one too... but
the 900 MHz was a great deal cheaper...  any 0.18 micron with the correct
socket should work really :-)) I use the original omnibook cooler and it
hasn't run hot enough to fire it up yet, it's usually below 40 degrees, it
is also rather easy to install this one as well.

Harddrive: Originally a IBM 10 GB 4200 RPM one, upgraded to Hitachi 80 gigs
5400 one... now this one does run kinda hot... about 50 degrees if there's
alot of disk activity.. bios support for this one as well :) Be prepared to
unscrew a good deal of screws, otherwise rather easy task :-)

RAMs: 2 x 256... 1 Kingston module and 1 PQI module... check for
compatibility when you upgrade.

Optical drive: Originally TEAC CD-224E 24x CD-ROM drive... upgraded to a NEC
6500 slim line DVD-writer... now this is a real B*TCH to install you have to
remove even more screws than the harddrive... the plastic casing of the
Omniboox XE3L doesn't *QUITE* fit it though... it seems that the front of
the tray on the TEAC is slightly longer than the NEC one, which means the
NEC can have trouble opening because of some little plastic thingies that I
think was used for stabilizing the TEAC CD-ROM drive... either break 'em off
or remove the case screw below the drive and you'll be fine.

Battery: I bought a cheap Li-ion from UK... a 5400 mAH one... and I must say
that I am impressed! it runs 3-3.5 hours during normal usage, the old one
was a NI-MH one which had about 5 minutes of battery power.

I also stuck a Linksys wireless PC-card in it as well... runs perfect :-)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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