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Hiya, I have an old Thinkpad 755Cs sitting here, and I was wondering
if anyone knew the pinouts to the AC adapter and/or the battery?  I
currently have neither item, but would like to run the thing from an
alternative adapter (since I have several laying around) instead of
having to have the thing in the huge dock.  Since the AC adapter uses
a funky 4-pin plug, it seems the best way to rig a power supply would
be via the battery terminals.  It'd prolly require less volts that
way, too.  Around 9.6 if the replacement batteries I've seen on the
net are accurate.  I'm just afraid to go touching wires on there for
fear of burning it up.

Oh, another alternative would be powering it over the dock connector,
if anyone knew the pinout to that.  The dock connector also seems to
allow access to the entire bus quite possibly, since you can put a 16-
bit ISA card in the thing, so a pinout to that would be pretty useful
in general.

Since it's not in super shape the way it is (such as the LCD losing
lines on the bottom half unless you twist the video cable inside), the
end goal is to pull the thing apart and mount it in a smaller
makeshift case, minus the keyboard and drives, and boot via compact
flash (through IDE).  Possibly an older wifi card too (since I don't
think it supports cardbus).  Then I'd have a neat little silent wall
display for various things.

Re: Old Thinkpad Pinouts

The pinout below ...


was found on this site

http://pinouts.ru/all /

Don't know the accuracy though.

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Re: Old Thinkpad Pinouts

Yeah I saw that pinout when poking around Google, but unfortunately
it's not the one.  This Thinkpad only has 4 pins.  I have another old
dead Thinkpad which also had a 4-pin battery, a 360C or something like
that, but I dunno the pinout of it either.  Perhaps all the older ones
were 4?

Thanks for the response nonetheless, though!

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Re: Old Thinkpad Pinouts

I have a 765d here - don't know if it uses the same adapter - but it has
that funky 4 pin plug - it shows that it's 16v  3.5A
looking at the end of the socket (not the plug), tapered side up, top left
is +, bottom left is -, bottom right is gnd, top right is n/c
The battery says it's 10.8V 3.0AH - the terminals match the link
yagottabkidding listed.


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