Old Laptop Mod to Reader/Tablet

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Searched for a while online but have not hit anything like this
question.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a couple old and nearly dead laptops (needs some refurbishing
to be useful).  Also have a couple unused old PDA's.

Recently I got the new Sony eReader and absolutely love it.  That's
when I started to wonder if I can somehow rework one of the laptops,
re-pack it into a new case and somehow make some kind of large screen
PDF reader.  I'd have to work the power consumption and maybe strip
parts out to keep it from turning into a loud-10 pound-whirring-hot
PDF reader...course then I started to wonder if PDA hardware could
just run the screen but so far that's not looking good due to the
differences between laptop screen controllers between manufacturers.

Overall it'd be nice to do something useful without spending enough to
just buy a tablet pc.  Not really interested in the picture frames and
such that I've seen some modding sites advertise and it seems a waste
to do something cool with the case if I don't have a particular use
for the machine.

Anyone ever hear of somebody that has modded a laptop into anything
remotely similar?  Seems a waste to chuck em.  I had thought of
building it into my kitchen in some way like some kind of super recipe
book...or maybe in the car or something.

Anyways...thanks in advance for any thoughts

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