Old IBM Thinkpad Laptop Base

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Hello I am posting this message for a friend. He has a old IBM laptop
which works okay but I cannot seem to find any drivers for the USB port
on the base that you can connect the laptop to. The model numbers I am
unsure of, I looked and could not find any. Help needed. Thank you.

Re: Old IBM Thinkpad Laptop Base

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1). First check is taht REAL usb (I'll have seen one with socket like USB
but without "gold straps - on it" ...somth. like FAKE-USB :)  )
2). If it has "gold straps" , then it is electrically connected , find what
chipset do ytou have in this laptop (Ibx440/zx440 etc.) , connect to Intel
webpage and there (i hope that you have intels chipset) find "aplication for
all" , somthing like multiuse aplic. that has drivers for this chipset.
3). Check if it is turned on in BIOS.

Re: Old IBM Thinkpad Laptop Base

cytrex@gmail.com wrote:
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model number is on the label on the bottom, next to the barcode.. 2455-g7x,
4855-87u, 2654-a4b.. etc...

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