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I have an old Micron Trek II.   It has a 6gb hard drive.

I'd like to go to a bigger hard drive.

My problem is I have no idea how to go to Ebay and find one.  Need to know
whatever they'd be called.

Re: old hard drive

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They are called 'old harddisks'.

Befor you buy any, you should find out what (maximum) size
harddisks your Micron Trek II supports and what physical space is
available for the harddrive.

My 2 cents: if the 6 GB part is functioning, stick with it.
Use alternative types of (external) storage.

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

Re: old hard drive

I've thought of that.    Somethink like 6gb + of flash drives.

Re: old hard drive

Gerard Bok (bok118@zonnet.nl) wrote:

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***   I tend to agree. The nice thing about external storage is its
portability and the lower likelihood of a virus infection.

         Richard Bonner
http://www.chebucto.ca/~ak621/DOS /

Re: old hard drive

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Try "hard drive".  I just tried that search and got 36676 items found.

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Re: old hard drive

rb wrote:
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That machine is about 1998 and is based on the Pentium II CPU series.

A bit older in 1996 (and an equal heavyweight for the shoulder) was
Toshiba's 4000 Pentium II based series - the 4000CDS which was shipped
with a 4GB drive.

I have one here that I have upgraded to run a very recent drive - A
Seagate Momentus 5400.3 series, the 120GB ST9120822A.

Now that is a mad silly capacity compared with the original drive and
today's limited functionality for that class of machine, but the
original BIOS, 96MB main memory and Xubuntu 8.04 seem quite happy
chugging along with the drive. Key thing is that it is accessed using
BIOS LBA mode.

For the story about drive sizing with older machines see here ...

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"laptop hard drive". Look for either IDE or PATA. Not SATA. Must be

Also visit the drive manufacturer's website and read about the drive,
it's installation instructions, warantty, handling (shocks & static),
and critically - the height (though old drives were quite tall).

Oh, come back here and ask if you need further info.

Adrian C

Re: old hard drive

Adrian C wrote:
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Yes, this is the key. I have an older laptop, around 1993 and it is does
not see any drive beyond 1G or may be less. Using a drive overlay works
but it slows dramatically the machine and I have given up trying to make
any of it.


John Doue

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