Old Compag Laptop and Installing OS problem

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I recently obtained an old Model Compaq Presario 1275 that had Windows 98 on
it and a bunch of useless software apps I would never use, It only has a 4.2
GB HDD and it was full....

So i decided to just format it and put a Fresh Copy of 98 SE on it....I must
have opened the gates of hell.....

The format went fine but I cannot for the life of me install ANY OS.....
No matter which version of Windows I try it locks between 5 - 8 Minutes

98 or 98 SE both get to the point that says....Checking computer
config,,,,etc.....the little status bar runs to 100% then I get the hour
class that sits there for ever.....It will sit there for hours if I let

Windows 2000 PRO and XP Home both get to the point where it says, Copying
Files to Computer, gets to a certain file and says, This file cannot be
copied...Everytime its a different file. It gives me the option to Skip,
Cancel or retry, if I click skip, it gives me the same error on the very
next file........

I thought maybe My disc was scratched or something, But I find it hard to
believe that 4 OS Disc's are Bad, besides they look fine.....

I also considered the CD Drive was bad, but when it locks i can eject the
disc and you can see that it is still spinning....Besides I can hear it

I have come to the conclusion that either...

A) Windows cannot be installed from a setup disc and the Laptop requires the
Systems original Recovery CD.....(Don't really Believe this)
B) The Hard drive has a Bad sector at the lock up point during the
installation......(Another Longshot)
C) The laser is bad in the CD Drive and it stops reading at the same point
on ANY CD...(Most logical I think)

Anyone have any other clues?

Re: Old Compag Laptop and Installing OS problem

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Compaq loves hidden partitions and you will most likely have to
re-partition the drive to kill this partition.




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Re: Old Compag Laptop and Installing OS problem

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I'm not convinced that I beleive this either, though anything's
possible, I'd think that was pretty unlikely.

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Boot (from a floppy or CD-Rom) the manufacturer's diagnostic for the
hard drive and run a full test on it.

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I'd start with this one too, pull the CD drawer all the way out and
inspect the lens for dust or fogging.  Clean/polish it gently and try
again.  I had this happen with a Sony Vaio laptop drive, and it came
right back to life after I polished it up.

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