Oh, did I loose my LCD?

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Recently I bought a new LCD screen to my laptop Soyo PW9800 to replace
an broken one. I just attached the new screen to the cables and turned
on the laptop to see if the screen was OK.
When I did this, it displayed a freaky image (some pixel lines on,
others not). I thought the cable that send the image signal to the LCD
was faulty, so I tryed to fold that cable and noticed I could get good
and clean image at certain positions. I know it is not a good thing,
but I had to do it with the laptop turned on. Then, when I was looking
for a position to definitively mount the LCD on the laptop the screen
suddenly stoped showing images. It is now just turning into a bright
yellow image on the cable positions that used to work just before.
Sometimes I can hear a very low buzz (noise) coming from the LCD when
displaying that yellow image.
I have not much experience with computer electronics, so I ask for
help. Could you tell me what may happened? Did I loose the LCD or the
problem is still just that cable?

Thank you very much,


(ps: sorry for my english: it's not my native language)

Re: Oh, did I loose my LCD?

Leonardo wrote:
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Flexing the cable might well have severed the failing wire(s).


Re: Oh, did I loose my LCD?

The suggestion is that your first problem was a cable problem, or
perhaps the cable connector is just loose (possibly at the other end).

Now as to the 2nd problem (screen solid yellow), it's hard to say.  The
two most likely possibilities are:

1.  You "did something" to the screen, possibly shorted something out,
while working with it.

2.  You managed to fail the cable completely, to the point where it's
"more" defective than it was.  Or maybe you pulled the other end out

That's as far as I can help you remotely.  Good luck.

Leonardo wrote:

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