Odd sound behaviour on a Satellite A10

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This is probably the strangest fault I have ever encountered in repairing
laptops, and naturally it had to happen to my own unit. At seemingly random
times, the sound will distort and get high pitched interference on every low
pitched sound (it only affects the output if there is sound playing, it is
not a continuous tone). At other times the entire pitch of the sound playing
will drop between half and a full octave and will sound awful. This is not a
driver issue, as it happens with multiple operating systems (windows and
linux) in exactly the same way. I have found recently that if i turn the
unit sideways when the lid is closed that the sound will distort or if
already distorted, will return to normal. I plan to pull the machine apart
and give it a good blast with compressed air, as i suspect the problem might
be a buildup of dust which has allowed a tiny high resistance short

Anyone else ever had this happen?

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