Odd hibernate/shutdown/startup issues w/ Latitude

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I have a Dell Latitude C600 that has some quirks relating to
hibernation. If left alone, it sometimes does the power-down and
hibernate like it's supposed to.

Some other times I come back to it and it the screen has just gotten
dark with a cursor flashing up maybe 3/4 of the way to the top right
corner. Unfortunately I've never been present for it going into this
mode, so I don't know how exactly it comes about.

On occasion, it goes to the Windows hibernate screen, and gets stuck
there. This happens if I close the lid with the computer on, too.

Finally, there are yet other times when the computer's off and plugged
in, and I come back later to find it's turned itself on, again in the
dark, cursor-flashing mode.

Anyone know what might behind any or all of these issues, or if/how
they're related?

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