Odd flicker on my LCD

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I have a Fujitsu lifebook that is close to 3-years old.
A few months ago, my LCD would go blank and a reputable shop replaced
the graphics chip.
Weeks later, an odd behavior started with the LCD. I am not sure if it
can be linked the work done on the graphics chip. Here is the new
problem. Sometimes I get a flicker in the LCD. It comes and goes. But
when it occurs, the flicker is highly dependent on what is displayed on
the screen. For example, the flicker shows up in the lower half of the
screen when the Windows XP desktop is showing but only with wallpaper,
not with a plain blue background.
It will also show when the Fujitsu logo appears on startup. Also when
showing full screen sizes of some pics on my hard drive. And on only a
few web pages that have specific graphics that trigger it. In fact
often if I scroll down the page the flicker stops. To have the unit
looked at again is going to cost quite a bit of money.
So if I can get a better idea what may be the problem, it may not be
worth spending the money.

Re: Odd flicker on my LCD

 From you subject line I thought "backlight", but from your description
it's not the backlight.

I'd go back to the shop that did the first repair.  They should look at
it without charge because they did the previous repair.

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