NVidia Geforce2 Issue

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 and I have finally loaded Ubuntu onto it,
working nicely, I want to use the Hibernate feature, of course, but it
only works if I use the nv (open source nvidia driver).  Problem is that
the nv driver does not want to actually turn off the display.  No matter
what method I use to shut off the display, it won't work!  The screen
just blanks but the backlight stays on.

This is running on Ubuntu v7.10 btw...

I have the Option "DPMS" in the xorg.conf file, etc...

If I load the nvidia binary driver, DPMS works perfectly.  Hibernate
fails, using the nvidia instructions on how to restore suspend to
working order, that works but hibernate still fails.

Hiberate just stalls at the end and never really shuts off with the
nvidia binary loaded.

I'd love to have both working, and I don't care about 3d support as I
don't use it.

Can someone please help or at least give a suggestion?

Oh, and with Hibernate I have used pm, pmi, and s2disk.  All have the
same results.

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