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ok...I spilled lil tea on around my backspace button and i quickly
wipe it off with a dry cloth. I set it aside for a few minutes and so
happened my mother used it. She was talking to her cell phone when
suddenly the laptop blacked out.

I thought it was because the battery was too hot or something because
my mother did not turn on my laptop cooler. So I set it aside for a
while and wipe the keys that was spilled with a not-so-wet cloth. Then
I used a hair dryer to dry it. But when I tried to turn it on, there
was nothing on the screen.

The light was on ,indicating that it was on but the screen is empty. I
tried it on a couple of times but its futile.

I was planning on going to repair it the next day but my mother said
to wait a few days and see if it can be alright.

I need to know the seriousness of this problem ASAP.


Re: Nothing on the screen

On Mar 6, 3:57 am, n...@spam.invalid (eclipse888) wrote:
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Hawing spilled apple juice on my laptop, I can relate to your proble :
Try to connect it to an external monitor and see if you get picture on
that. If you feel comfortable taking laptops apart, take it apart and
clean any tea residu on the board in DISTILLED water, or even better,
alcohol (pure 96%, not the 72% stuff). The let dry  (switches,
speakers and relays might be moisture-sensitive, so be carefull). Fan
+electronics = REALLY BAD. Fans are static electricity generators, so
NEVER blow how dry air at electronic devices.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I worked as manufactruing/process engineer at an electronic
company for a number of years, and more that 50% of all failures in
the field I've encountered were attributed to static, and about 30% to
moisture and residue (together), so this is serious, and cad
potentially degrade your contacts over time

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