Notebook/Laptop recos please : salesforce application

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I've got a rush requirement to provide a few small-format
notebook/tablet/laptop PCs for a proof-of-concept exercise to show that
they can run a Siebel salesforce application.
PDAs have been tried and found inadequate, and regular-sized laptops
are not fit for purpose either. What I'm looking for is a  Windows
2000/XP/NT machine that is good for repeated data entry (salesman
taking orders running to several dozen lines, several times a day)
- I'm open to tablet PCs, but some amount of ruggedness is expected.
- weight must not be too high (sometimes s/m balance the machine on one
arm and enter data)
size must be smaller than regularlaptops such as Dell Latitude
- ideally data entry should be via keyboard PLUS direct screen entry,
i.e. touchscreen
- internet connectivity is a given, I'm looking at all options -

FWIW, the salesforce operates in UK/Ireland.
All constructive recommendations gratefully accepted.

Re: Notebook/Laptop recos please : salesforce application wrote:
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For a "proof of concept" test, look into getting several IBM Transnotes as
semi-disposable testbeds.

Much touted upon their release, they were never accepted by the business
world and are readily available on the used/remand market for a few hundred

You can input sales data via keyboard, on the touch display itself or via
the attached writing pad! They're readily upgraded to WiFi via either PC
card or CF card solutions.

XP for TabletPCs: has
rejuvenated these units and it appears that they are becoming much more
attractive now that the OS has caught up with the unit's capabilities.

Just a thought.



Re: Notebook/Laptop recos please : salesforce application

Thanks, James.

The tablet PC options looks right to me. Next step is to get hold of
one/more ASAP ...

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