Notebook just freezes and become unresponsive

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Hello group
I would like to ask your opinion about some peculiarity that I seldom
experience but as this happened lately to one of laptops twice in a
row in a short span of time  therefore it prompted me to ask the
expertise of this group alt.comp.laptop .
The defect that manifest is like this
When this notebook hangs up the mouse becomes unresponsive so I can't
open the task manager to see if what is going on .
It just all applications just freezes and I can't do nothing more but
just to shut up the power button.
When I restarted the notebook once again it just start normally
without even showing something such as that the PC was not shut down
properly and there will be such  things a checking the disk etc and
other related automatic routines...
In the past several days I noticed that when I open the task manager
the chip is always running at 100% specially if there are lots of
application open. This did not happen in the past but only recently.
I did not noticed anything strange such as sounds or the notebook
becoming warm etc.
Therefore I can't think of any cause for this peculiarity.
This particular notebook is HP run by WinXP Sp2, have 1 gig of Ram and
still 40 gig of hard drive space, Pentium M 760  Sonoma type.
I can't think this is a battery problem as this was running on AC
power when it happened.
Does anybody here have some experience on this area and what is your
recommended remedy for such?
Thank You!

Re: Notebook just freezes and become unresponsive

Roy wrote:
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Your notebook has most likely been infected with a virus, trojan, etc.,
that is consuming your CPU doing what it does - sending emails to infect


Re: Notebook just freezes and become unresponsive

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Thanks for your reply  and indeed that was my iniital concern before I
thought of writing to this group  but my internet security is well
updated and I have  regularly scanned my system for malware and there
was nothing found so far. Therefore there should be other reasons that
I am not  familiar with.
Any other ideas?

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