Notebook cooling pads

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Are these additional fans effective in reducing heat? One school of thought
is they are actually dangerous to one's laptop as they draw air away from
the laptops internal fan.
Any comments? Any recommendations?
Thanks for your help.
Confused Pappy

Re: Notebook cooling pads

Based on my experience for over a year of use of these toys in desktop
replacement systems, it really helps to cool those big lappies.....
Another thing is it makes your unit cooler to use even continuously
for long hours. Big notebooks regardless of the manufacturer really
becomes hot in time.This is one of the reason that I nevered returned
to my old desky(which IMO a creature of the jurassic park nowadays).
Regarding the fear that this units suck air from the notebook  blower,
that is rubbish. Before  I used this coolers I had to flush the grill
of my unit a few times in a year( to shake those dirt  inside) as the
unit  really tends to exhibit signs of overheating. I am a guy that
uses a laptop at least 8 hours a day usually non stop. 7 days a week
and that  cool thing really  helps a lot.!

Pappy wrote:
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Re: Notebook cooling pads

They are most certainly are. I have one right now that cooled my laptop
by 15 degrees (c). My intake at the bottom was covvered up from being
so close to the desk, and just proping up the laptop on the aluminum
cooling pad helped. I recomend the BYTECC Aluminum Notebook Cooling Pad

Re: Notebook cooling pads

Thanks for the feedback guys. I ordered the BYTECC from Newegg.
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