Northbridge cooling? (Averatec 3150P)

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My wife is on the road this week, and her Averatec 3150P laptop
suddenly issued a warning message:  "North Bridge FAN error. Please
check it."  And the normally obnoxiously-loud fan in the thing is
suddenly eerily quiet.  Uh-oh.

Since she's not here, I can't check it directly.  She's teaching a
class so she can't start ripping it apart.  I looked to see if there
were any utilities (e.g. Motherboard Monitor 5, etc) that monitor the
Northbridge temperature, but I'm not finding any.

According to -
03.html the 3150P uses a KN266 (VIA VT8372) Northbridge.  I can't find
specs for it on, but according to the Via KT133 is
rated for 110 C (!!).  I don't know how the laptop version compares.

I know that many Northbridge chips don't NEED a fan.  Some units don't
put a fan on it at all.  The Northbridge fan on my Asus A7V266E mobo
hasn't worked for ages and I haven't had any problems.

So:  Is my wife's Northbridge in danger if she runs without the fan?  
Is there some utility she can use (without inserting any add-on temp
probes, etc) to see how hot it's running?

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Re: Northbridge cooling? (Averatec 3150P)

Hello?  Anybody?  Any idea if there are any utilities to monitor the
temp of the Northbridge, and/or what is a safe temp?  The VIA site
doesn't have any specs for this family, but similar families show a max
case temp of 85C, so that's what I'm going with for now.  I may just
have to stick an electronic oral thermometer on it, but hm, it probably
doesn't go that high...  :-)

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