Non-functional ThinkPad Ethernet Connector

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My niece's ThinkPad A22m 2628-Q1U notebook was purchased in October of
2001.  It has Windows 98 SE.  The back of the machine includes a modem and
an ethernet connector among the others.  The ethernet connector appears to
be a dummy port.  There is no mention of it in the BIOS, the Device Manager
or IBM's PC Doctor.

From the "Thinkpad Assistant" program on the machine:  "If your computer is
shipped with the modem Mini-PCI Card, you cannot use the Ethernet
connector.  In this case, the Ethernet connector will probably be covered
with a seal to make it unusable.  If you want to use it, you need an
Ethernet Mini-PCI Card or a combo Mini-PCI Card."

I don't know if this machine's ethernet connector was originally covered
with a seal; it is not now.  The cable installer hooked up an ethernet
cable between the cable modem and the notebook.  He simply stated that the
ethernet connector did not work and that the laptop needed a network card.

Why would a notebook come with an ethernet port that was never intended to

Thank you for any insights.

Re: Non-functional ThinkPad Ethernet Connector

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It's a connector that lets you use an internal mini-pci ethernet card.
The internal card is optional.

Re: Non-functional ThinkPad Ethernet Connector

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  To cover the hole in the back of the computer that would be there if
the connector wasn't.

  That isn't a snide answer, by the way.  Iif the modem/ethernet
facility is provided by a range of internal add in cards then the
availability of these services can be varied by providing different
cards with no change to the motherboard which has both modem and
ethernet connectors built in.

  Deleting the connector when applicable would mean that different
motherboards would be required to match the availability of the
ethernet.  The connector doubtless only costs pennies.  Much cheaper
to leave it in to cover the hole.


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Re: Non-functional ThinkPad Ethernet Connector

Hemlock Soames wrote:

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And being IBM it's not unreasonable that there might have been a Token Ring
option that used the same connector.

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