Nokia/compaq query

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Can anybody give me some straightfoward advice ?

I have a Compaq LTE 5300 laptop which I use on my boat - it has an
infra red facility - and as far as I know it has some Nokia
driver/modem  loaded ( from the previous user ). It has no usb port
and is running W 95.

I want to change my Mobile, pay as you go - so would like one that
would give me internet access. ( currently have a 3330 )

I'm talking here of occasional emails - and small access/downloads of
weather info - tides etc. So speed of connection/cost of connection is
not too critical. I have no particular preference whether it is
wireless or wired.

Is there a nokia/vodophone pay as you go that will do this - or other

A monthly contract is not an option at the moment !

Asking this question in all of the phone stores is producing a whole
pile of conflicting opinions !!!
Geoff - Bristol UK

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