no signs of life on sony vaio

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Hi there, I seem to be experiencing what can only be termed as a blank
expression from my Sony Vaio K215M whenever I try to turn it on.  There
should be power in the battery but if I try to turn on the power button
i get nothing.  Equally, if I try to turn it on with the power cord
plugged in i get nothing. Not a whisper of noise, or even a plaintive
flashing light.  Essentially, there is no power whatsoever coming
through.  Basically, I shut it down, unplugged it, carried it from the
sofa and left it on my desk, went down the next day and nothing.  I
guess i'm going to have to take it to a repair shop but if i could fix
it myself i'd like to have a wild stab at it.  It is all set up as
before, but i have noticed a slight rattle from somewhere inside after
i sort of manhandled it roughly (dropped it very gently onto a concrete
floor) not so long ago.  It has worked perfectly for a few weeks since
then though.  Maybe a screw has dropped somewhere and fried something,
i can only guess. If anyone has any ideas i would be very grateful.

Re: no signs of life on sony vaio

My idea is to bring it to a knowledgeable person ( laptop computer
technician )who will examine it  carefully and properly.

Re: no signs of life on sony vaio

You may want to try it after removing the battery, just in case IT is
somehow responsible. However, I believe I've read that some laptops
don't work at all with the battery removed, so this may not necessarily
provide any useful information.

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