No S Video on New T60: W-H-Y, Lord, Why?

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Cable guy visited yesterday to make some adjustments after Ernesto hit.
 I told him my new T60 doesn't come with a S-Video, and he said he
wasn't surprised because S-Video is becoming antiquated!  This was
straight from the cable guy's mouth, so I asked what's replacing it.
He said (I posted on this last week here, but no one answered) Do you
do much t.v. watching on your computer?  Then he said Even if you do,
you have to have a t.v. "card" installed on the computer to allow
changing channels.

I've never even heard of a t.v. card.  He claimed to be relatively
illiterate as far as computer technology was concerned and did not know
the proper name for it.  What term would you search for if you wanted
to watch t.v. on your laptop, and the s-video isn't included?  Could
you use RCA cables attached to a RF modulator, or some variation

Re: No S Video on New T60: W-H-Y, Lord, Why? wrote:
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Oh TV cards have been out for like 10 years at least. They are really
nice and I used to use mine all of the time. Mine even sports a FM radio
tuner as well. Which are harder to find. You can buy the PCI card type
for desktops and USB type for both desktops and laptops. I bought the
latter. They probably sell PC Card types too. Here is a list of them
from TigerDirect's website:

As far S-Video fadding away, well A/V (RCA jacks) will fade away before
S-Video. As S-Video has better quality than RCA video. But I don't see
either of them fadding away anytime soon. My Gateway has an S-Video out
connection which I should check to make sure it works before too long.
Hahahaha. Maybe I'll do that today.

As for what else they use for video connections for TV, well I am not up
on them but I think one is called DVI or something. Then there is a HD
connection type and who knows what else. These are much better than RCA
or S-Video.

Re: No S Video on New T60: W-H-Y, Lord, Why?

BillW50 wrote:
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Thanks, Bill.  Jeez, you should write a column somewhere.

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I suppose that was IBM's attitude for eliminating the port, 'cause I
suppose no one uses it.  But that should be for the consumer to decide.

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Doesn't matter much, because if they eliminate the S-Video and
certainly don't have RCA ports, I guess they figure you'll do
everything through USB.  In fact, some of the new laptops are
eliminating firewire.  It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Re: No S Video on New T60: W-H-Y, Lord, Why?

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Some confusion going on here. The inbuilt S-Video on a laptop is used for
OUTPUT. It's used for viewing your computer on a television screen, *not*
for viewing television on your computer.

If there really is no S-Video output on yours TP60 then you could look at a
VGA -> SCART/RCA convertor box of some sort.

As for TV cards, well the most common type for laptops now are USB2 types.
There are digital-terrestrial (DVB-T) which allow receiving free-to-air
digital television, or plain old analogue ones which allow receiving the
basic TV channels.

I beleive there are/were come Cardbus TV cards too, but I haven't seen any
that I remember.
Here's an example of a USB2 DVB-T stick:
I actually found the generic Taiwanese equivalent to be better, as it came
with much frendlier software - Cyberlink something or other.

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