No display on Toshiba Tecra

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Hi all,

I recently aquired a Toshiba tectra which had been sat on and the
screen had cracked! the screen was still working but with a big crack
in it. the screen was then replaced however now it doesnt work at all.
Ive checked all connections and they seem fine. when you turn the
laptop on there is a quick flash of white light from the display and a
little zapping sound and then nothing at all. if you connect a monitor
up to it the display works however there is a pink hue to the display.

Does this sound like an invertor problem or a backlight problem? or
something else? if you alternate between the external display and the
laptop display using the FN key then you just get the quick flash of
light and the zapping sound and nothing else.

Also when the screen flashes quicky you can see a small flash/spark
coming from one of the pins on the inverters output

Any help is appreciated.

Re: No display on Toshiba Tecra

check that the cable from the lamp to the inverter is fully plugged into
the inverter. wrote:
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Re: No display on Toshiba Tecra

Yeh ive done that, as i said ive checked all cables and there all
fitted properly. I thought it could be a faulty inverter but that
wouldnt explain the pink hue on an external display!

Re: No display on Toshiba Tecra

In typed on Fri, 30 Nov 2007 08:18:38 -0800
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Exactly. It does sound just like an inverter. Although a pink hue on the
external display is a strange one. I would unplug the inverter and then
recheck the external display. If ok, that was it. :)


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