No currency symbol for Costa Rica

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Sorry, this may be somewhat off topic:

Temporary I have to use a notebook that is not mine.

On my notebook, when I format a cell in Excel to the currency "Spanish
(Costa Rica)" appears the correct symbol that is somewhat similar to a
C with a double slash. I use Win XP SP2 and  Excel 2002.

On the other Notebook it is also Win XP SP2, but Excel 2000. When I
try to format the same, in the format menu I see the correct symbol on
screen, but on the spreadsheet I get only a rectangle on the screen as
well as on the printed sheet. On former formatted spreadsheets I see
the same rectangle for the currency instead of the symbol. -- In the
country settings for the computer I can see the correct symbol for the
Costa Rican currency - on the screen.

Where is that symbol set for currencies stored and why doesn't Excel
use it correctly? (Excel doesn't use the symbol for the Mongolian
currency neither - but that concerns me much less ;-) )

Thanks for your patience and help!


Re: No currency symbol for Costa Rica

Werner R Schilling typed:
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Did you solve this one yet? Did you try to find the character with
Windows Character Map? Usually found under Start -> Programs ->
Accessories -> System Tools.


Re: No currency symbol for Costa Rica

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No Bill, I didn't find a solution. The funny thing is that on both
computers I can't find that character in any of the fonts installed.
But it must be there because >on screen< and in some parts of the
system like country or regional settings it appears on both. Only that
the other computer won't print it. -- The character I'm talking of is
somewhat like the (ASCII 0162), but it's a capital with two parallel
slashes instead of one.

The only place where I found this character and was able to format and
to use it was in the cell formatting for currencies / bookkeeping in
Excel. There it appears as currency "Spanish (Costa Rica)".

One of those secrets in the depth of Windows and MS...


Re: No currency symbol for Costa Rica

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007 12:34:28 -0600, "Werner R Schilling"

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You are aware that some fonts do have certain special characters,
while others don't?
Especially fonts from us-providers sometimes are somewhat "localized"
and leave out certain characters in use only in foreign languages...
Maybe your "preview" uses a different font than your actual document -
Windows country setting most probably uses a font supplied by
Microsoft, where most MS-supplied fonts are comparatively "complete" -
your Spreadsheet might use a totally different font - worse even: if
you designed the spreadsheet on a different computer, it's possible
that the font you used on THAT computer isn't available in THIS
computer and substituted by another one...

Windows XP's Accessory "Character Map" might help you finding out if a
certain font includes whatever character you want to use - or for that
matter what different font might include what you're looking for...


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