No color using external LCD TV

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I can't get color when connecting my notebook to my TV.  The output
from my notebook does appear on the TV, but in B&W.  However, when the
computer first boots up, the Windows logo does appear on the TV in
color.  As soon as I reach the desktop screen, although my notebook
screen is in color, the TV displays B&W only.

I'm using the following:

HP Pavilion zd7180us notebook
Windows XP Media Center
NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 video adapter

The TV is a Sony WEGA LCD HD

I'm connecting the notebook to the TV using an SVIDEO cable

I've also tried connecting to another standard TV and also to a VCR
and DVD recorder, all of which will only receive a B&W signal from the

My notebook display settings are set at 1024 X 768 using 32-bit color
but I've tried virtually every combination of settings I can think of.



Re: No color using external LCD TV

I found the solution.  It was in my settings.  I just needed to change
the display settings by going to Advanced/Device Settings and set TV
output to SVIDEO.


On Sat, 03 Nov 2007 21:24:17 GMT, (Don) wrote:

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Re: No color using external LCD TV

SVideo uses 2 separate coax cables, one for the monochrome part of the
signal, the other exclusively for the chroma (color).  However, your
comment that you initially have color seems to contradict all possible
logical explanations.

You may well not be able to use 1024x768 with S-Video.  S-Video may be
limited to 800x600 and below, or even to 640x480.

Don wrote:
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Re: No color using external LCD TV

Although it's working fine, I'm also confused that the color did
appear initially during boot up and then switches to B&W.   I am using
1024 X 768, but it's working fine.

I didn't know that about the SVideo splitting the signals and the
limitations regarding resolution settings.  I couldn't understand why
I had to switch my settings to indicate that I would use SVideo output
to the TV when the TV was already receiving the picture via SVideo,
except in B&W.

But as much as the logic may be escaping both of us, you may have hit
on the answer in that case regarding both the split signal and the
resolution issue.  Although my settings are set to 1024 X 768, I seem
to have read somewhere that my notebook's native screen settings are
supposed to be higher.  But as you say that would just make things
worse at that setting, particularly if that's the resolution I'm
booting up on.  

But maybe I'm booting up at a low resolution which results in color on
the TV, but at some point past the opening screens, my personal
settings are read and the resolution is raised and I lose the color.
Just guessing here since I'm no expert in this area, but that would
seem to make sense based on your description of the characteristics of
the SVideo cable.  

Just happy I can now run my flight simulator on my TV in color.  I
don't think your advice will help my flying skills, though.  Even
without color I seem to be able to tell the difference between
crashing into a building, a mountain, or the ground.

Thanks for the info regarding SVideo.


On Sat, 03 Nov 2007 23:35:03 -0400, Barry Watzman

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