newer laptops dvd/cdr/w double overlay

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I note that the latest laptops coming out describe the burner reader
as  CDR-R/W-DVD- "double overlay"
I am guessing that "double overlay" means they not only can handle
compact disks dvd's etc but also FDD.  In fact a friend here told
me his Latest Compaw offers that very thing.  I/E he can insert any
of the above  CDR, CD-R/W, DVD, or FDD!!! I cant figure out just
how that could do that with one receptacle unless it works something
like the Mini-READERS/BURNERS that can sense and use the
small disks  (which are'nt physically much different than FDD's
except for the thickness of those cmall cdr's).
                       Kokomo Joe

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Re: newer laptops dvd/cdr/w double overlay

No, you mean "dual layer".  That is a DVD technology that allows for 9
gigabytes per side, instead of "only" 4.7 gigabytes.

Any such player will be able to read any currently available optical
media, but any DVD drive (non-burner, just reader) can do this also.
Commercial pressed video DVDs (movies) are dual layer and have been
since the technology was introduced (it's necessary to get 2 hours of
"DVD-quality" video on a single DVD).

However, no such device will read non-optical media (floppy disks).

Joseph Fenn wrote:

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Re: newer laptops dvd/cdr/w double overlay

yea. If you find a device that can take a FDD or a DVD, I'd love to see
I am sure it could be invented, but it would be the most absurdly
complicated piece of equipment I can think of (with the lowest usefulness to
complexity ratio ever)

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