new WD scorpio 2.5 hard drive regular clicking noise??

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So I recently bought a new western digital 80gb scorpio 2.5" hard drive
(WD800VE) w/ 8mb buffer for my IBM thinkpad T42.  I have always trusted
WD but was a little worried because this is their first attempt at
making laptop hard drives.  I think maybe I was right.

the drive has been making a strange regular soft clicking noise - by
regular i mean every second or every two seconds.  it is not the loud
"click of death" and the drive seems to be working fine ( and it has
for a couple weeks ).  it is a very soft but definately mechanical
click -- not a vibrational sound due to the way it sits in the
computer, and it is also not the data access sound, because it occurs
regardless of whether i am doing anything ( and the access light
doesn't come on).

In an attempt to try to figure out if i got a bad drive or not, i
called WD who were clueless - the woman didn't believe the serial
number i gave her because she didn't realize the model i had existed.
well they hadn't heard of any complaints ( of course ) and said they
would send me another drive.  so i get the drive, go through the whole
process again - and SAME EXACT noise!!!

After searching the web for a while trying to find if anyone has been
having similiar experience the only thing i can find is this:

"A forum member with and a 40G version of this new WD notebook drive is
quieter than his sample of one of the Samsungs listed above. There is
some question whether it is afflicted with random / regular clicking
similar to that reported on the Hitachi. Again, if so, suspension may
cure the problem. The Scorpio is recommended with caution; we have not
reviewed it. Added Jan/05"

anyone else have one of these or heard of this?  not only is the noise
distracting and annoying, i am constantly worried that the hard drive
is about to crash.

Strangely, it didn't start making the noise until win2k was installed
-- while i was copying the drive image from my old hard drive via
external usb adaptor, it wasn't making any noise.

also, obviously the hitachi drive that came with the computer was
completely silent (also 5400rpm)

any ideas because I am at a loss?!

also, how quiet are the new toshiba (5400) drives?  any

thanks guys,

Re: new WD scorpio 2.5 hard drive regular clicking noise??

On 17 Feb 2005 23:00:54 -0800, wrote:

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It's probly normal, but I would return unit if not too late and get a
honest-to-god toshiba.

U trust WD huh? OK...  Have u noticed their desktop HDs always tend to
be cheaper than the other brands?  Something gotta give.....

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