New Ultra-bright LCD screens

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I've noticed that some new systems (Qosmio, Dell 7400, HP) can be
ordered with an LCD that has incredibly intense backlighting.  I've
seen the new Qosmio next to another Toshiba that had "TrueBrite" (last
year's high-brightness LCD) and the difference was amazing.

Who else markets systems with those LCDs?  I'd like to find one with
high res (UXGA, 1600x1200) or close.

Re: New Ultra-bright LCD screens

_DD wrote:
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Dell is the usual source for UXGA resolution LCDs.  Select a model, and
the Customize option that shows every build option available.  I believe
their Core Duo notebooks have that as an option at a significant premium.


Re: New Ultra-bright LCD screens


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Thanks, Q.  I'm not sure if those are high-brightness though, are
they?  If you've seen the Qosmio AV600, you'll know what I mean...the
double-backlight on the screen really lights them up.

I know there's something that Delll calls 'TruLife' but it's uncertain
whether that is equivalent to HP's newer "Ultra Brightview"
( then click 'customize')

or Toshiba's "Ultimate Truebrite".

( )

You'll notice that HP's laptops go to 1680x1050 for regular
'BrightView' but only to 1440x900 for Ultra BrightView.

I'd ideally like to find the high-brightness screen at higher res.

Re: New Ultra-bright LCD screens

Dunno, but my Toshiba has gotten noticeably darker over the past two years.

The HP laptop display went out exactly two weeks out of warranty!

Don't know if I'd waste a lot of money on anymore Super-Bright anything
since all my laptops seem to have problems in a year or two (espec. dead
batteries, darkened or dead screens, dead modems, CD-DVD RW drives that not
longer work, Windows installation disks that will no longer read, etc.)

Luckily, a good USB 2.0 port has resurrected the modem and burners.  The
external junk plugged into the laptop often is far better anyway (i.e.
Creative PCMCIA Audigy card, Kensington mouse over the Synaptics pads, U.S.
Robotics modem card, Plextor 8x DVD+/-R  burner on USB 2.0 connection, and
the list grows as stuff dies).


Re: New Ultra-bright LCD screens


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For laptops it's always good to spring for the extended warranty.  If
you don't, it's guaranteed to break after a year + one day.

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