New sounds from my 7K60 Travelstar

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My replacement 7K60 laptop drive, which is only four months old and was
silent until this week, suddenly produces spinning (not seeking) noise
along the lines of whirr-whirr-whirr, at a frequency of (roughly, from
memory) between 1/Sec or 2/sec.

Is this something to be expected as the drive reaches a "not new"
status, or should I expect the thing to completely fail soon?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Re: New sounds from my 7K60 Travelstar

Did I really post this here, or is there somebody changing the NG of
some posts (if that's possible?) My intention was to post in Don't know how I did this.

I will repost in the aforementioned NG, as I think it is more
apporpriate.Please ignore this one.


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