New laptop suggestions?

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Should I buy a new laptop?

For the last 4 years, I've been using a Toshiba laptop (model
1905-S301; P4 2.0

Ghz, 512MB ram). It still serves my needs fairly well, but the system
lags when I have several apps running simultaneously. For example, I
usually have around 20 files open in Photoshop, Fireworks, Word and
Excel, plus at least a couple of browser windows going.

I wouldn't mind a new machine that's lighter (my current one is a
brick), has a larger screen and longer battery life, but my main
priorities are speed and multitasking ability. I use my laptop as my
main computer, so I'd be looking at a desktop replacement with a large
screen (probably 17").

I'd appreciate a few recommendations on specific models, processors and
RAM size, as well as comments on how much better a new laptop would
perform compared to my current one, given my needs. Would there be a
huge or moderate improvement? I've been happy with Toshiba's and IBM's
service, but am otherwise open, as far as brand (though I heard that
Sony's service sucks).

Thanks in advance.

Re: New laptop suggestions?

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Both Toshiba and IBM (and everyone else) doesn't make their own laptops
anymore. Did you know this? Thus what you thought of different brands
doesn't apply anymore. :(


Re: New laptop suggestions?

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 03:31:34 -0500, BillW50 wrote:

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Well not everyone else - some brands still produce themselves (and partly
as ODM for others) such as Panasonic (the toughbooks), LG Electronics, Asus
and at least partly Samsung. Strictly speaking IBM-Lenovo would fall into
that category as well. And FSC produces the LifeBook series themselves.
But there is no direct correlation between the quality of a laptop and the
question if it was produced by the same company or by an ODM. Cheaper
consumer models are often based on standard barebones that are then
equipped with the necessary components, while the more expensive business
models would often be designed specifically by the brand company and the
ODM gets stricter quality guidelines. Apart from that the quality of the
service provided by the brand company is IMHO as important as the quality
of the hardware.


Re: New laptop suggestions?

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Well there you have it Sam. And thanks for your input Andreas! ;)


Re: New laptop suggestions?

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Most notebooks with 20 files open will be slow.  This year, I got a Dell XPS
3.4 used on Ebay.  A bit heavy but super graphics and adequate power.  I got
another z60m, and it's recommended if you have the desk space.  I added a
doublehead2go, and my desk is a bit full now.

My aging R40 would fetch $500 on a good day on Ebay.  The 2-1 gig chips are
worth half of that, so it's not worth selling.  Any of mine would do you
well.  That real old and used, to fairly new used and quite new with
Thinkpad protection.  Pick your price and have fun.

These old Dell xps series notebooks are real sleepers; good processor and
near top quality graphics.  Hows 1920 x 1280 for a unit someone traded off?

Re: New laptop suggestions?

Luba Papageorgio wrote:
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Most of the time this is more the result of a failure to DEFRAG the HD
regularly and clean the OS.

I've got many clients with 650MHz to 1.1GHz PIII laptops happily running W2K
and XP with 20 files and more open at a time with no noticeable lag in
response times.

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Re: New laptop suggestions?

JHEM wrote:
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Right.  Also accumulated spyware, files left over from uninstalls that
uninstall everything, etc.  Instead of investing in a new machine,
invest in
Jeff Dunteman's book "Degunking Windows."

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Right.  Posting this from a Pentium II 233 laptop that still runs
faster than
my dialup connection. :)

Rick Carter

Re: New laptop suggestions?

Sam754 wrote:
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Hi Sam,

I am using a HP dv8000z with the following specs;

Turion 2.1Ghz 64b processor
2 - 120GB hard disk
17" WXGA Ultrabrite display
ATI Mobility Radeon M200x

The machine is fast, and because of he way I have the dual hard disk
setup, multi-tasking is very fast.

Note that you can get this machine with a duo-core. I did some
actual testing on compile times using Clarion for very large apps,
and the Turion won hands downs coming in about 38% faster.

The only thing I don't like about this machine is the battery life.
I only get about 0200hrs when streaming wi-fi video, listening to
music from the hard disk and doing some compiling.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

     "When hope is lost . . . the spirit dies."
                         -- Lao Tzu

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