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Hello, just yesterday I received a new laptop and am already
encountering a major problem.  I do a lot of video editing, and got a
laptop that is capable of handling such unctioning.  Problem is, the
software I use (Premiere Elements) simply gives me a blank screen
when opening the app.

Here's my question.  It says on the requirements I need an Intel
Prentium 4, M, D, or Extreme Edition, or an AMD Opteron or Athalon
64.  My processor is a T2300 Core Duo.  Does the T2300 match up to
any of the required processors?  I find it hard to believe it
wouldn't, but I don't know for sure.


Re: New Laptop Processor question

That's the most powerful CPU familty currently offered, it exceeds the
requirements of your software in terms of "power".

BUT, it is "different" and may not be supported, or may not currently
[yet] work with older or even current software.  In this case, you may
not be able to use Premiere Elements with that CPU YET.

However, I'd say it's a certainty that any such incompatability will be
fixed by Adobe, and relatively soon.

The first thing to do is to be absolutely certain that you have
installed the very latest patches to PE [also, if you have an old
version of PE, say last year's version, you may be forced to get the
latest version].  The next step would be an perusal of the web and
newsgroups to see if others are having (or had) the same issue.  Finally
you could call Adobe.  Of course, it's also possible that it's not the
CPU, but some other issue.  One possibility is that the new laptop is
defective, but another possibility is that some other component
(chipset, video adapter, etc.) besides the CPU is incompatible.

CoasterGuy987 wrote:

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Re: New Laptop Processor question

CoasterGuy987 wrote:
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If you are not experiencing problems in any other application, the
problem is not hardware.

An "Extreme Edition" CPU is an Intel dual core with Hyper Threading
(HT).  The Pentium D is a dual core CPU.

The "Core Duo" is the new nomenclature that Intel is using, and just
means Dual Core.  There arenew chipsets that they have rolled out to go
along with the name change, but that should not make any impact tothe
user experience in the way that you are experiencing.

If no other issues, the first thing to do is to go to Microsoft Update
and do all the critical patches, and also make sure your DirectX is up
to date.  Don't assume that your machine, being new, is up to date.

After that, my next guess would be to look to the video card and
display settings.

Good luck,


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