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Excuse my ignorance here but:

I have just purchased a new Laptop ( Dell XPS M1330 ) which arrives
next week, and am now looking for a broadband wireless ISP to be able
to access the internet. Am currently considering the 3 broadband
wireless 3gb for $29 option from 3.

I am about to move house and there may not be internet access in my
new house.
Will I be able to get online with just the modem that the isp will
provide, or do I need to purchase a wireless router and find somewhere
with an internet connection already established?

I hope i haven't confused anyone here? I live in Brisbane .


Re: new laptop owner questions

A wireless router is only a short range device, usually to enable
connection through the house and not over a vast distance.

The best bet would be to enquire... or even do a Google search for the
relevant area for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). For example in the
UK we can Google for an ISP and if we enter a Post or Zip code it'll
tell us what services are available and the maximum speed we can expect.

There is also Broadband available directly via a satellite  but this is
very expensive and is usually used for businesses... ideal for when you
are out of range of phone and cable services and may not be available
globally, this would be the only option available in this situation -
don't get confused with Sky TV and broadband as you still need a phone
line here.

Best thing is to do a check.


Re: new laptop owner questions

On May 17, 11:07=A0am, wrote:
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Hello Chris
I used to live in Australia before (2006) and had the wireless
facility where I can surf the net anywhere either when I am at home,
at work, riding public transport etc .IIRC  my provider was iBurst
which give me surfing speed at that time 512 kbps to 1mbps. It was
pretty good connection .
I was using a sort of a PCI cardbus which they provide to their
customers .
I just have to insert that cardbus to the slot in my laptop and then
click the  iBurst  desktop icon then connect and that it.
 Internet connection NO WIRES...anywhere. That was in Melbourne and
Victoria area.

Re: new laptop owner questions

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Thanks guys for all your help. Much appreciated


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