New laptop - OS reinstallation, CD/DVDs for doing that and warranty

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I am thinking about getting a Toshiba Satellite. I have a question on
which I couldn't find the answer on some of sellers' sites (like,, and such) - do they provide
the reinstallation CD or DVD? Can I get it somehow and, if so, what is
the procedure/time needed/cost? It comes with Vista preinstalled, but
I  am concerned about it (many are still negative about Vista), so I
might decide going back to XP or even try Linux. However, if I don't
have reinstallation CD/DVD, would this render the laptop ineligible
for support or void the warranty (because I cannot return the original
software)? Will this be stated in the package before I load the OS
(i.e. I can actually read if system reinstallation has something with
the warranty)? Can I somehow backup the HDD and return it if necessary
(of course, without that act voiding the warranty)? Is the warranty
split software/hardware-wise (i.e. I am OK with preinstalling the OS
if it breaks as long as I have the warranty on the hardware in that
case)? The thing that matters the most - what are your experiences?

Re: New laptop - OS reinstallation, CD/DVDs for doing that and warranty

Toshiba does provide a factory restore DVD.  It puts the computer back
to it's state the day you bought it.

If you want to go back to XP, you are on your own.  If there are no XP
drivers for the model you want on the Toshiba site, you would have to
find all of the drivers and work out the installation process.  The
difficulty of this varies widely, and while it usually is possible,
there are no guarantees (a device in the laptop might not have XP
drivers, period).  Generally this is possible, but it's also usually
beyond the ability of anyone who isn't a good computer technician.

The same, more or less, goes for Linux .... the drivers may or may not
exist, but in any case you have to figure out how to find them and get
the whole system configured properly.

Since Toshiba does provide a restore DVD, the rest of your post is more
or less moot, but image backup software (Acronis TrueImage or Ghost)
would allow backing up the hard drive and then restoring it later. wrote:
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