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I need to chose new laptop to replace my old Asus A6Km. I'm interested
in two models: Dell 1558 and Lenovo G 56o. Both have the same CPU and
other elements are similar. The point of my interesting is to have good
keyboard, because I'm going to write my PhG dissertation on this
machine. I'd like keyboard not to be flexible, which is very common for
new laptops. I'll be grateful for any suggestions about these two
laptops, especially about keyboards.

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you might want to consider getting a good USB keyboard

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and new laptop battery
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I don't know about those particular machines, but I've just been
involved in helping someone choose a new laptop.

She had been using an Acer and a Lenovo for her business. With her, I
looked at a range of machines from HP, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba and I
have to say that I favoured Lenovo for build quality.

She is a trained touch typist. On her old Acer, I had replaced the
keyboard because she wore right through a couple of the keys. In the end
she decided on a new Acer mainly because she liked the price and key
layout. She had never been able to adjust to the position of the
Lenovo's Ctrl and Del keys.

I've happily used Acer, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and Dell machines and only
had problems with one Advent-badged MSI machine with a bendy keyboard
that I believe was not clipped into place properly. I have no problem
with the different layouts, probably because I'm a 2-finger amateur

I really think you need to try these machines for yourself, which I know
is difficult with these manufacturers. I'm typing this on a Lenovo, and
really like the keyboard on this and my earlier Lenovo-made IBM..

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