New hard drive has intermittaet beeps

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Hi all,

The laptop is a Dell C800.  The old drive is an IBM Travelstar 20 gig.
The new drive is a Toshiba MK6034GAX 60 gig.

I replaced the old drive because it would often become undetectable.
A reboot would usually result in detecting the drive and windows would
load ok.

The new drive installed fine.  Windows XP installed without a hitch.
But, there is an annoying beep sound that appears to come from the
hard drive and not the system speaker.  I even disabled Beep in
windows and it still does it.  Plus, sometimes it's not a full beep
sound but a half beep sound.  It doesn't seem to correspond with hard
disk activity and it doesn't beep with a consistent pattern like error
code beeps would do.  I connected it to my home network and it surfs
the net fine and other xp applications seem to work fine.

I searched the net for answers and most sites point to error code
beeps.  Except that this computer POSTs fine.  I only found one site
that said if you hear beeps from the hard disk, it should be replaced.

Now, it booted up fine repeatedly except one time when I got the
message that there was no bootable drive.  Is this definitely a bad
hard disk or is it a possibility that it's a motherboard issue?  Since
I don't have a spare motherboard to test with, my inclination is to
reformat the drive and take it back for exchange.

Any advice or ideas about the beep?

Bob Kruse

Re: New hard drive has intermittaet beeps

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Could this be the sounds of a quick head seek to the end of the disk
to swap out a defective sector?  Try running the manufacturer's
diagnostic (Does Toshiba have a HD diag?).

You might even hear/see it happen with the speed or error scans from
the fine app...

Having intermittent drive problems with two separate drives isn't very
good, though...

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