New Dell Latitude 110L - any good?

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I can't seem to find any reviews on Dell's newest  Latitude 110L as
yet - apart from Dell's own announcements.

At first sight it looks like Dell has rebadged an Inspiron, the
controls, layout. lower fan position etc. seem to owe more to the
Inspiron than Latitude line.

They are also significantly cheaper than the next Latitude in line
which points to them being a bit of a marketing ploy by Dell to trade
off their Latitude's good name and flog some more Inspirons - or is

Has anyone had any experience with one of these yet, if so, how does
it compare agins the latitude D series and Inspiron please?

If as I suspect this is really an Inspiron - is it worth spending 25%
more or so to get a 'rea'l Latitude?

Many thanks in advance - all advice gratefully recieved.

Regards Malc

Re: New Dell Latitude 110L - any good?

I may be asking the obvious but is there that great a difference in build
quality between these two Dell laptop ranges?
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Re: New Dell Latitude 110L - any good?

Hi M - yep - quite a few $100's worth - latitudes are built with a
harder / longer life in mind for the corporate market.

Inspirons are built for the "budget" end - in other arenas, this would
mean: select a cheap part over a good part every time. I have seen
this a lot where a quite nice design has been ruined because the
builders have chosen components like capacitors that just meet the
spec.  So as they age, they are bound to fail taking other components
with them :-(

This is a cumalive process as any complicated piece of technology is
only as good as its weakest part.

Interesting that noone has been able to comment on the Cheap


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