New battery does not charge

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Any thoughts much appreciated:

Just bought a second-hand Compaq Evo N1020v Celeron 1.6ghz. The battery
that came with machine appeared to be totally dead. The power managment
software reported that the battery was 100% charged, but when I
disconnected the power cord the machine went dead instantly.

So I bought a new battery. Power mgt software reported that it was 90%
charged when I first put it in. Indeed the laptop ran fine for 3+ hours
as I ran down the battery. However, the first strange thing I noticed
in testing was that the machine would not boot from the battery (even
when it was still 50% charged) - it would only boot from AC. That is,
when I pushed the 'On' button, there was no response at all. However, I
could pull the AC power cord out a second or so after pushing the On
button, and the rest of the boot-up would proceed normally.

Now that he battery has run down, it will not charge past 3%. At the 3%
mark, the battery light begins to flash, which is supposed to indicate
that the machine, running on battery power, is close to running out of
power. I can pull the AC out at this point and the machine will run a
minute or two before closing down.

Any ideas as to the cause/what to do next? There is a component of this
system called
Interface Board -connector board between the hard drive and
rechargeable battery

Is that likely to be the culprit, or, gulp, am I looking at a new
motherboard? Say it isn't so. Hugga

Re: New battery does not charge

Battery recall:

maybe the battery you bought too ?
website has details to check pc/model/battery etc

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Re: New battery does not charge

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Sounds like the new battery isn't charging.  Is the 'new' battery an
actual Compaq battery or some third-party substitute?  Many modern
laptops will not charge batteries that were not made by the laptop
manufacturer (yes, they can tell).

If it's a real Compaq battery there's something else wrong.  Do you
have access to another identical laptop to test the battery in?

Re: New battery does not charge

The laptop is not one of those mentioned on the HP site - it is quite
an old (2002/03) model.

The battery I bought was not genuine Compaq, but supposedly
specifically compatible with my model. I will try to track down a
genuine to test the theory - thanks.

Re: New battery does not charge

Go here: bookmark it.
and update any needed files

scroll down and you'll see
" Compaq Notebooks Battery Test " download /install and run it.
"This Softpaq contains the Compaq Battery Test Utility, which checks the
condition of a battery pack in the Compaq notebook models listed below."
M700 is listed.

Have you owned this since new ? Ever updated BIOS/ drivers/ any of the
stuff on that page ?
At that same page - if you don't have power mgmt software on there,
fetch it also and calibrate the battery. What that does is purposely
discharge/charge the battery so that the PC's idea of " fully charged" =
the LED scale on the battery.  I spent a lot of time working on
7400's/M700's/M300's etc and during that time was a BAD time for
batteries  -not just compaq - but battery technology - so update any
firmware/software that you haven't already upgraded to be sure that you
have the latest ( as in " a good/working" ) version.

I still have an issue with the charging system on the PC. I know it
SHOWED that it went from 80% to 100% , but if battery can't run system
for 3 seconds then it's really 0% - I don't care what the icon shows.
It's like a dead car battery - it might still read 12v with a meter but
not crank at all.


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