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hi all..

i have a new Asus Notebook:

15,4' TFT (WXGA) - AMD Mobile Athlon64(K8) 3200+ - ATI Mobility Radeon
9700 Pro 64MB DDR - 512MB(256x2)
DDR SDRAM - 80GB HDD - DVDDouble Layer - LAN - 802.11g Wireless LAN -
WinXP Home - Works

at page 10 of this PDF

on the label i can read A4B00K series.. and on the i think
it's the A4K series...

there is 4 instant key on keyboard

i copy from the manual:
1)Power4 Gear+ Key
The Power4 Gear+ button toggles power savings between various power
saving modes. The power
saving modes control many aspects of the Notebook PC to maximize
performance versus battery time
during various events.

2)Pad-Lock Key
Pressing this button will lock your touchpad when using an external
mouse. Locking the touchpad will
prevent you from accidentally moving the cursor while typing. To
enable the touchpad, simply press
this button again.

3)Wireless LAN Key (Optional)
This key is only applicable on models with internal wireless LAN.
Press this button to enable or disable
the internal wireless LAN. (Windows software settings are necessary to
use the wireless LAN.)

4)Programmable Launch Key
Pressing this button will launch your programmed software application
while Windows is running.

the first 2 one work good!

the Wireless Lan Key don't work...
(i have wireless)
there is a led light on when i enable the wireless card
when i click on the key it do nothing..
i have to enable/disable it from windows setting (the led work)

the Programmable Launch Key open the Document folder when i push it..
but there is nothing in setting or in Asus utility that allow to
program it!! i search in all CD with my Asus notebook.. there is

the software manual the give to me is for an older model.. i know it
becouse it explain how to use PC-Cilling... but i have pre-installend
end on the Asus Utility and Driver CD the Norton Internet Security..
anyway it talk about a Hotkey setup program.. that is for the 4 hotkey
of the keyboard in old model... and this program is not on the Utility
CD neither pre-installed...

it's a small problem.. but if i have this 2 key why i can't use them??

anybody with my notebook?
thanks a lot!!!

bye from Italy,

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