Network cable problem with Toshiba laptopI

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I am borrowing my brother's Toshiba laptop.  I can get network
cables to plug in but they do not lock into place.  I push on them
as hard as I can but they do not lock into place.  They just pull
right out with very little force.  The cables do work until they
come out.

I have tried both ends of five different cables but none of them
work.  I have looked at the port with a flashlight and very powerful
reading glasses but I do not see any dirt or foreign objects that
could block the cable.

Do some Toshiba laptops require custom, non-standard network cables?
Is there anything I can do to get standard cables to work?
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Re: Network cable problem with Toshiba laptopI

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My Toshiba has the exact same problem.

The tab that the cable latch locks onto has broken off.

Live with it.  :-(

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