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Re: Netbook question please

Somewhere on teh intarwebs wrote:
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I measured it using a utility called CPUMark. As the name would suggest, it
benchmarks the CPU.

"Give a man a fire and he's warm for the day. But set fire to him and he's
warm for the rest of his life." Terry Pratchet, 'Jingo'.

Re: Netbook question please

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Bob, make SURE the netbook DOESN'T have a GLOSSY SCREEN!  Those slick
screens are horribly hard to see in any light, damned near impossible
outside in the sunshine.

I recommend the Samsung NC10, not the new one.  They're dropping to around
$300, N270 1.6Ghz processor and just swap the 1GB RAM for a 2GB ($20 at through the one-screw door in the bottom very easily.  The NC10s
all have a matte screen I defy you to find a better netbook or even a
laptop in daylight conditions.

I have this awful hatred of glossy screens some marketing idiot tries to
impress the girls with.  What a horrible thing to have to look through a
damned mirror to see the movie!  There's no reflection, at all, on the
Samsung NC10s.  Too bad the idiots at Samsung switched to the girly glossy
screens on the newer netbooks....(d^:)

Your netbook portable will never been in the dark unless you're on night
shift at the plant.....


Re: Netbook question please

I'd like to know more about your laptop.  Probably the best two things
you could do for it would be to increase it's memory and do a clean
reinstall of Windows.

The Atom CPUs are somewhat similar to Celerons in the 900MHz to 1.2GHz
range.  They are not fast processors by modern standards, but they are,
in most cases and for most purposes, "fast enough".

A netbook is not a laptop, and I do not recommend them as general
purpose computers, or as "only" computers.  The processors ARE slow (by
desktop and even laptop standards) and the screens are small (in
physical size, certainly, but equally as important in resolution).

Is a netbook powerful enough to run Windows 7?  Generally, most are.  I
have an early Acer Aspire One, with the 8" screen, XP and a 160GB drive.
  It came with 1GB of memory and I upgraded it to 1.5GB, which is the
limit for my unit.  It IS powerful enough to run Windows 7 or even
Vista.  The chipset is a varient of the Intel 945, and it has GMA950
video.  That will not only run Vista, but it will run the "Aero" interface.

Can it do it?  Sure, but a motorcycle or even a bicycle can go from New
York to LA.  That doesn't mean it's a fun way of making the trip.

Bob Newman wrote:
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