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 netbook question ...

I recently ordered an  -Acer Aspire Netbook with a 6 cell battery. I
ordered it from a store on Amazon.

But when the netbook, none of the documentation indicated that it was
a 6 cell.

I looked at the netbook for any written indication -  I could not see

So i do not know if this a 3 cell or 6 cell battery.

Can anyone pls help me ?

What should i be looking for to confirm that it is a 6 cell?

Irfan Ballard

Re: netbook question ...

Look on the battery:  If marked ca. 5300 mAh it is 6 cell, 3 cell is about
half that.

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Re: netbook question ...

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If that is the Aspire One here is some info that may help:

Wikipedia says the 6 cell comes in either 5.2 Ah or 6.6 Ah (5200 mah
or 6600 mah) capacity so look at the battery and see if one of those
values is listed on the side. (If it's a 2.2, 2.4, or 2.9 Ah that
would be a 3 cell.)

Also the 3 and 6 cell batteries are apparently different size so check
the bottom of this guy's article to see which matches yours. (Also you
may find the rest of the article interesting.) /

I hope that will solve it for you, good luck.

Re: netbook question ...

Look at the voltage and/or the mah (milliamp hours) rating.  Either the
voltage should be double (with the same mah rating) or the mah rating
should be double (with the same voltage).  I am not sure how the large
capacity battery in this unit works.

Irfan Ballard wrote:
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