Netbook - Partitions and Dual Booting

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So I have a netbook, and a while back I decided to put linux on it to
try it out, see what it was like. The internet function on it decided to
hate me and not work, plus I don't like not being able to use windows
apps so I want to get rid of it.

Right now it has linux (with a bunch of options) and windows 7 starter,
which I want to take up all the space (I also don't have a disc for this
- is that going to be an issue?). Is there a way I can do this? Also, my
knowledge of this is not to great yet, so if you could avoid using to
much technical words that would be appreciated.


Re: Netbook - Partitions and Dual Booting

minimurph232 wrote:
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Well as long as you have both right now, you are safe without a disc.
The trick now is replacing the grub loader with the original Windows 7
one. EasyBCD (free) should be able to handle it under Windows 7.

Once the computer can't see Linux anymore it is very easy to delete
Linux (partition) and expand the Windows partition to get the space
back. There are free partition managers like Easeus and Paragon (they
have paid versions too, so be careful) that will get the job done too.

One mistake and nothing will boot. So making a reliable backup would be
a good idea.

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Re: Netbook - Partitions and Dual Booting

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 13:06:03 -0500, minimurph232

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If you ever want to try Linux again (probably not huh?) you might try
a Linux version that allows you to try it out without modifying
anything on your netbook, usually called a 'live' version. That way
you can see if it works with all your hardware before permanently
installing it. I recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 on this netbook
(EeePC 1015PE) using that method. It ran fine so I permanently
installed it (dual boots with W7 Starter like yours).
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Try Bills method first because this will likely save your data.

But if all else fails use the recovery disk. If you lost it you can
usually get one online for a nominal fee.

If your netbook didn't come with a recovery disk it likely has a
hidden recovery partition. It depends on the manufacturer how you
access the recovery process. On my netbook I press F9 during bootup.
On an Acer laptop I had it was ALT+F10. You need to check your manual
(either paper or on the HD) to find the key combination needed for
your netbook. Once started just follow the instructions to restore it
to the original factory state. Good luck.

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