Need to replace HD in HP laptop

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My old XE2 has a 6GB HD and I'm out of space. I bought a 60 GB drive
and have tried to install it but ran into the usual HD recognition
problem. I ghosted the HD's on a desktop machine but the laptop won't
recognize the drive or boot with the new drive installed. I've been to
several sites and tried several different ways to get things right but
no luck so far.

Help me out here.


Re: Need to replace HD in HP laptop

There are several possibilites here.

The first is that the problem is that the laptop simply won't recognize
a 60 gig drive, period, but would recognize a smaller drive.  In which
case, the answer should be clear, get a smaller drive (try 20 gigs).
Even if this is the case, it might be possible to circumvent the problem
with drive overlay installation software (Disk Manager or similar), but
there is not much chance of getting that to work with an existing
installation imaged from another drive.  If that will work at all, then
at best you are probably looking at a new installation of the OS from

The other possibility is that this is not your problem at all, but
rather that the image simply won't work, disk size not withstanding
(e.g. even if you put that image back onto the original 6 gig drive
(after it had been wiped), it would not work.

You don't say what OS or what type of partition (FAT32, NTFS, whatever).

First, do make sure that the partiton you are trying to boot from is
marked "active".  This might be the problem.  If the restored partition
is not marked active, it will not boot (ever), and this is a very common

However, with XP, sometimes imaged drives work, and sometimes they
don't, and I have never been able to find out why.  When they don't
work, a "repair installation" is necessary to "fix" them.  Again, I
don't know why this happens, but sometimes it does.  It might have to do
with XP Pro vs. Home and with FAT32 vs. NTFS.  Pro with NTFS has a LOT
of security stuff and it will "know" that it's not installed on the same
drive on which it was created.

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