Need recommendation for learning laptop repair

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I run a small mom and pop type computer store where we sell parts,
custom computers, and of course service.  Desktop computers are easy
enough to work on, however we often get people bringing in their
laptops that have suffered some form of electronic failure.

Now, of course, we can handle memory and hard drive problems.  But
anything beyond that (like power, screen issues, etc.) is out of our
scope.  I see plenty of places on the web that advertise notebook
repair, so obviously it's not an impossible task.  My question is,
where does one learn about diagnosing and fixing the actual guts of a
laptop?  I had purchased a book a while back on laptop "repair", but
it mostly just taught the simple stuff HDDs and RAM.

Any thoughts and suggstions is appreciated.

Re: Need recommendation for learning laptop repair

SepticTank wrote:
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From the individual laptop manufacturers.

There's very little commonality among laptop companies beyond what you've
already mentioned, i.e. HDs, memory, etc.

Opening the hood of a laptop is always an adventure in learning, not just
between different manufacturers, but also between different models from the
same manufacturer.



Re: Need recommendation for learning laptop repair

Hey you can check out the Dummies book series.  They've written books
on pretty much everything.

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