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I'm in the market for a QUALITY laptop under $1,000.
Must have 512MB of memory, XP, AMD or Intel, and I am flexible.
Any suggestions about what and where?

Re: Need recommendation

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You may want to checkout for both new & refurbs.


Re: Need recommendation

Pete wrote:
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I suggest a refurbished IBM Thinkpad T4x series (T40,41,42,43). There is
no way you'll get a new one for under $1k from a shop, but a refurbished
one (or a new one on Ebay) should do the job just fine. They are
considered the best quality laptops in the market, and after you use one
for some time you'll see why. Also, they come with 3yr warranties (which
you can extend) and IBM support is probably the best you can get.

If for some reason you don't want to go IBM, I swould suggest Asus or
Toshiba which have some cheaper lines than IBM but are considered quite
good (but not as good). I would avoid Dell though, for the sole reason
of their hideous tech support.


Re: Need recommendation

Stavros Christoforou wrote:

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Two words of caution: first, Thinkpads DO NOT always come with 3 year
warranty. Two absolutely identical machines (to the best of my
knowledge) can have different model numbers, the difference being one is
considered a professional model the other one, not. The first is more
expensive and has this 3 year warranty, the second is slightly less
expensive and has a 1 year warranty.

Second: if actually you can get a really brand new machine on ebay that
would be much more expensive in normal channels, just ask yourself why.
People who want reliabe machines should buy them from ... reliable sources.

This being said, Stavros is right. Personally, if not IBM, I would go
for Toshiba (represented everywhere in the world) which can make a big
difference if you travel overseas.

John Doue

Re: Need recommendation

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Thanks to all!

Re: Need recommendation

Good morning, Pete.

I recommend you do yourself a favor and stay away from Toshiba.

See my articles under "which one to buy" in this newsgroup for the
reasons why.

Re: Need recommendation says...
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Check out the Averatec 4265.  It's normally right at the top of your
price range, but it's probably the best machine out there in terms of
value right now.  Also, Averatecs can sometimes be found with rebates at
places like Sam's club or even Staples.

Here is the machine as currently priced from staples:

Re: Need recommendation

Pete wrote:
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Dell Inspiron 2200

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