need notebook for gameing

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was thinkinig about sth. cheap like FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO A 7620
would you recommend some

Re: need notebook for gameing

When discussing notebooks and gaming, you can forget cheap.  Start at about
$1800 and go up from there.  You want plenty of processor power, this rules
out any of the M series Intel mobile processors.  You need at least 1 GB of
RAM and at least a 128 MB PCI Express video card, 256 MB would be ideal.

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Re: need notebook for gameing

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I don't recommend any notebook for gaming.  The other poster is quite
correct, you start at around 2,000 dollars and go up from there.

The two just don't go together: Notebooks are designed to save battery
life; gamer machines are designed to slop up as much power as they
can.  You'd need a notebook with a desktop processor to start.  No
Intel M or Centrino processor is going to keep up. (perhaps with the
exception of the P-3 M)  They're just not made for that.

Putting a desktop processor in a notebook brings a whole new host of
problems with heat.  These things will heat an igloo and I've never
seen a liquid cooled notebook.  Never put one of these on your lap.
At least not if you plan of ever having children.  It's tough to cool
hot running components with a tiny fan no matter what the cost, or
who's name is on it.

Further; the biggest problem with notebooks, in general, still doesn't
go away.  The upgrade issue.  Most notebooks cannot be upgraded at
all, let alone in the areas gaming requires.  IE; large RAM upgrades
and video upgrades.  Their hard drives are also no match for a
desktop hard drive.  Even one running at 7,200 rpm.  Why?  Because
the tracks are much shorter then on the larger disk.  Your drive
sub-system must change tracks much more frequently then a large drive
would have to.  This kills speed.  Killed speed is not a problem with
a notebook because it's not designed for speed in the first place.
See the paradox?

If you really hate the idea of a desktop system, I'd recommend
building a mini case system.  While heat is an issue and you must
address it, the rest of the components are standard fare.  The
advantages of a mini are pretty obvious; standard components,
speakers and monitors of your choice.

Make sure of this when you spec out the case.  A mini may not have the
extra slot for a sound card and on board sound will probably have to
be used.  But, if you were worried about sound quality, you wouldn't
be looking at a notebook in the first place.

Also, get a mini that has larger fans.  Most have gone that way, but
stay away from a cheaper overstock item if it has the small fans.
They make an awful lot of noise, considering how little air they

Last, make sure you can get a decent power supply for the mini that
will handle everything you're going to throw at it.  200 watts, ain't
gonna do it.

In the end, I believe you'd be much happier with the mini.  When the
notebook is out of date, your mini will be easily upgraded.

Remember, Direct X 10 is just around the corner and may obsolete many
video sub-systems, just like 9 did.  Risking big money on just that,
isn't worth the investment.

Personally, for a true gamer system, I'd only go with a desktop.  But
that's just me.

Best of Luck

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